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These guys are the best I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to wordpress themes, I’ve got a lot of wordpress sites and for one of them I was looking for a theme and found themes2wp. The theme was free but a lot better than a lot of themes I’ve paid for, in short it was everything I was looking for but I wanted to make a few adjustments. I emailed themes2wp for details on code to edit not expecting much seeing as I’d paid them nothing but they went above and beyond the call of duty that I’d expect even for a paid theme. They even made some changes for me, for free! I’ll definitely be back here again in the future, may even be the last place I’ll ever look for wordpress themes. Cannot recommend themes2wp highly enough! Thanks again guys!

Awesome! It has been said that themes2wp is one of the best developer of WordPress themes for wordpress blogs, your business or any kind of website you’re developing. Really I never thought managing my website could be this easy. themes2wp.com literally makes my work a lot easier. From the way it looks, to the buttons I need, managing my ad, and more!

I have tried out a lot of different WordPress templates, free and premium, so let me save you from the hassle and tell you that themes2wp are simply one of a kind.

themes2wp.com, you’re the best.

I have used premium template sites that did not exhibit near the level of customer service that these people have shown me.

I had some code trouble on a free theme, and on a desperate whim, I sent a request for help, pretty much knowing that it might be weeks before I received a response — if at all. Imagine my delight when the folks at themes2wp responded the very next day, offering to help.

We exchanged emails back and forth several times; they treated me with patience and kindness, and never once condescended to me. It soon became clear that they weren’t going to give up until they helped me figure out the problem. They did just that, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

This isn’t some free theme portal in order to get click-throughs. They are the real deal.

I agree, and yet I’m similarly grateful that the developers
treat the problems in WordPress immediately

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